DBS System

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DBS System
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The DBS-System is a System with Nano Chip Technoligie, to optimize and secure your engine and bike, from the static electricitie witch the bike, and the bikes near you produces.

By placing the Nano Chips on the bike it will sucure your electrical system from all negative influences and your CDI unit will have no influence from outsite, so it will work like it schould do, and the Engine will run more efficiently, and the bike is more stable and quiter.

What we want to achieve with this system for the engine is:
  • Better response on the Throttle
  • Smoother building the Power band
  • Maximum Power appeal earlier and longer
  • In all modes always a good recording of the throttleresponse, this gives an optimal combustion in the engine.
  • Less vibration in the engine
What we want to achieve with the system for the Bicycle portion is:
  • By attaching the parts to stabilise the cycles section construction
  • The grip on the front and rear wheel improve
  • Quieter suspension in extreme range by attaching the Nano chips on the rims, swingarm, subframe, block, tank and air filter Cabinet the molecular structures changed and this gives a more stable and quieter engine.

The fixing of the parts has no influence on the electrical systems on the engine, you donít need to change enything to the engine to benefit of this system.

Example of construction parts which are built on the engine:

Example of a test that is done with the accumulated system:

The attachments that are screwed on the engine can be used for several years, the stickers with Nano chips are made and covered with a sticker for durability. All construction parts and stickers are available separately.

The DBS system is offered only through the Dealer, so if you are interested you can contact one of the dealers. If you want to become a Dealer please contact SX&MX Trading.

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